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Colonel Blue in 2013

Real Name Big Bluey Birdy
Species Bird (Angry Bird)
Born  2011
Died Still Alive
Affiliation SEC, GDE
Native Planet Mano II

Big Bluey Birdy was born in 2011 on Mano II. The Bearlandic Empire was under the control of the emperor Nanook III, and it was a peaceful and prosperous time for both the empire and the Birds. During his adult life, Big Bluey Birdy fought as a pilot for the Bearlandic Empire and through fighting very well, became known as Flying Blue to his comrades. In mid 2012 his plane crashed during a war on Ilgyr, a planet inhabited by barbarians, and had his eye stabbed out by an enemy. When doing groundwork he preferred blades and also fought in trench warfare on Terrus, becoming known as Commander One-eye in a respectful way.

Early Life

Big Bluey Birdy was born on Mano II in 2011. He
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Big Bluey Birdy as a pilot for the Empire in 2012.